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Les Halles Taste the good life

If you like to shop, trade, share and meet friends, there’s only one place to go: Les Halles. An integral part of the city’s landscape, they renew the spirit of the market with their architecture, layout and atmosphere. A veritable living space, they are a must on Sunday mornings, but not only. They’re also the place to go for a quick lunch, a date or even an evening out… This is where Pau’s lively heart meets!

A place to live! Espace "vie t'halles

Eat local, organic and good food at Les Halles: charcuterie, cheese, wines… For a snack or a meal, it’s “the place to live”. Even more so as the weekend approaches. The desire for warm, gourmet moments is doubly strong.

  • On the last Friday evening of the month, music takes over the aisles.
  • At the nocturnes, you can enjoy a seafood platter and a drink (always in moderation) in a festive atmosphere.
  • On Sunday mornings, after a stroll, the people of Palois enjoy a snack from a choice of butchers, roasters, cheesemongers and bakers.

On the floor

Freshness and local origin are at the heart of the market. The success of the carreau des producteurs is testament to this. From the farm to your shopping basket, you’ll find all the best of Béarn: fresh vegetables, sheep’s milk cheese, honey, eggs… Between stallholders with strong personalities, restaurateurs, small producers and local market gardeners, stock up on the region’s finest produce.

Make the andouille! A must in our gastronomic pantheon: andouille béarnaise. Here’s a little tip: ask for a dry and spicy andouille, then sit on the terrace and enjoy it with a glass of red or a dry white wine.

It's all good Duck or pig?

Every year at the Salon International de l’Agriculture in Paris, records are broken. No fewer than a hundred medals are awarded to traditional products from Béarn and the wider Pyrénées-Atlantiques region. This is hardly surprising, given that many family-run charcuteries still work pigs the old-fashioned way to produce pâtés, boudins, hams, dry sausages and other confits. You’re sure to find these products at Les Halles de Pau, where you can sample them on the spot!

You can also try your hand at dried duck breast. In addition to the famous foie gras, Béarn craftsmen (Biraben, Lauga, Laguilhon…) also work duck into confit, rillettes, gratons and other delicacies…


In Pau, you don’t need a car, but bring a shopping cart or large basket! Leave your car in the Halles underground parking lot.


To discover Jurançon wines, take advantage of a ” caviste” snack at Les Halles… A great way to start!

Gourmet pass

To take advantage of the best tastings, the best plan is the gourmet pass… Come and see us at the Tourist Office!


Entertainment and concerts, evening events on the last Friday of the month, student evenings, Musiq’Halles, flea markets… Ask for the program!

Les Halles reinvent themselves

In the 19th century, with the advent of holiday tourism, commercial life expanded. Market spaces were no longer sufficient. In 1881, a new covered market was dedicated to early produce. Its bell tower became the neighborhood landmark. In 1919, food shops and the market moved to the Halle de la République, which burned down in 1942. But its success continued until its reconstruction in 1970, which anchored it in the landscape. Les Halles, as they are today, were renovated in 2018 and are more than just a lively market, they’re a real place to live!

Here, we live, we laugh, we share!

Cheeses, fine wines, charcuterie and small producers all come together to cultivate a certain art de vivre. How can you resist taking a break in the evening, at lunchtime, in the morning or in the afternoon to savour the very special atmosphere of the place? Life sparkles, laughter and bursts of voices form a melody that’s a pleasure to return to. At Les Halles, you can feel the heart of Pau and Béarn beating, at the heart of flavors, smells and accents. It’s a great place to meet up and make the pleasure last, because there’s always something going on at Les Halles!